Learn Beekeeping 3

Equipment for Beekeeping

Here, we will show you some of the basic pieces of equipment that is needed in order to keep bees.  By no means is this an extensive list, as there are many different types out there from different manufactures, and DIYers (Do-It-Yourself) alike.  But we will identify the basics.  Lets begin with the hive.  A basic hive (and the term basic, can be different depending on who you talk to), consists of a base (and bottom board if not one piece), a brood box (usually a deep), a super (for honey storage), an inner lid, and an outer lid(also called a telescopic lid).  Frames sit inside the brood box and super and can be used with foundation or without.  Now, dependent upon the size of your hive, as well as other factors, you can have more than one brood box, or more than one super.  There are other components that can also be used and each has its own purpose.  Items such as queen excluders; and these can come in plastic or metal varieties, and different types of feeders such as top feeders for instance. There are even different types of hives…the one identified above is called a Langstroth hive.  There are also Top-bar hives, Skeps, WBC (named after its inventor William Broughton Carr ), and others including an octagon hive.  But we will focus on two; the Langstroth and the Top-bar.


Here is a dissected view (or exploded view) of a typical Langstroth hive and its components (this one includes a queen excluder and an entrance reducer):




This is a basic “beginner” box available from almost all major bee supply stores.  It consists of the bottom board, a deep, an inner lid, an outer lid, and usually comes with the frames and foundations if bought as a package.  You can also see the entrance reducer (slotted piece that can be removed for full entrance capability)


Here is a more detailed view of what the frames actually look like with and without foundation:

assembledframesL                     Beekeeping_langstroth_hive_frame



and here are a couple of hives at work.  Notice the different colors, and configurations…

Private hives3-Backyard-Bee-Hive-Ideas 19-Backyard-Bee-Hive-Ideas  bee-hives beehives_and_sunflowers_by_skyking240-d4yn8ut Beehives-746795 colors green_beehive how-to-build-a-beehive hqdefault


Here are some Top-bar hives…

111a 111d 115b 20120728topbarhives 7178801030_d606bbae89 back build-a-top-bar-beehive-part-2-200x200 d45086d54df76aeca4f076fde20d69d3 DSCN0461-1  Ventilated_Roof_Top_Bar_Hive


And how about these????  Only your imagination limits what you can do with your hives.




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