Swarm Removal and Swarm Management

We have members who will remove honey bee swarms from inside your walls (cutouts) and around your home.

A swarm of bees sometimes frightens people, though the bees are usually not aggressive at this stage of their life cycle. This is principally due to the lack of brood (developing bees) to defend, and their interest in finding a new nesting location for their queen. Swarming is the natural means of reproduction of honey bee colonies.

Please note that wasps and hornets are often mistaken for bees.  Our members do not exterminate/Remove any insect other than bees.  Please refer to a professional exterminator if you have any insect in the wasp/hornet family.  Professional exterminators can be found online, or we can help locate one for you.


What Type of Bee/Wasp Problem Do You Have?

These photos and descriptions of different types of bees, wasps, and hornets will help you accurately relay your stinging insect problem to a beekeeper so that he/she may better assist you when you call.

Yellow jackets:  http://www.clemson.edu/extension/beekeepers/factsheets/yellow_jackets.html

Bumble Bees:  http://entweb.clemson.edu/eiis/pdfs/mv2.pdf

Carpenter Bees:  http://entweb.clemson.edu/eiis/pdfs/hs8.pdf

Bald-faced hornets: http://entweb.clemson.edu/eiis/pdfs/mv15.pdf

Paper wasps:  http://www.clemson.edu/extension/beekeepers/factsheets/paper_wasps.html

European hornets:  http://entweb.clemson.edu/eiis/pdfs/mv16.pdf

Cicada killer wasps:  http://www.clemson.edu/extension/beekeepers/factsheets/cicada_killer_wasp.html

Mud Daubers:  http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/pests/household_pests/biting/hgic2512.html

Remember, “your bee” or its nest may not look exactly like the photo; simply try to find the bee that looks the closest.

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These are not honey bees:                                                    This is a honey bee

These are not honey bees                    Honey-Bee-Worker-Drone




Greg Campbell         864-350-0442         Northern Greenville County and Spartanburg County           Swarm


James Center            864-417-3395         Spartanburg County                                                                 Swarm  


Rich Chisum            864-270-8560          Greenville, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Fountain Inn,                    Swarm                    

                                                                       Grey Court, and surrounding areas


Garyey Collins         864-458-2083         Greenville County, Spartanburg County                                  Swarm  


Dennis Glasgow       864-458-3083         Greenville County, Spartanburg County                                 Swarm


Jack Linder              864-579-2693          Spartanburg County                                                                  Swarm

                                 or 864-415-5268


Joe Mahaffey           864-423-5678         North Spartanburg area                                                            Swarm


James Martin           864-439-3259         Wellford area (25 mi radius)                                                    Swarm

                                 or 864-706-6569


Kevin Sarver            864-381-1338          Spartanburg County                                                                 Swarm and cutouts


John Stokes             864-444-8220         Spartanburg County                                                                 Swarm    


Mark Sweatman       864-431-1905         Northern Greenville Co, Inman, Lyman, Greer,                     Swarm, cutouts, traps

                                                                       Duncan, Landrum


David Weir              864-706-1526         Spartanburg County                                                                 Swarm


Buddy Williams       864-680-3469         Landrum, Campobello, Gowansville                                       Swarm


Dwight Porter           864-593-1535         Anywhere in upstate                                                              Swarm


Bart                          864-429-1338         Anywhere                                                                                  Cut outs


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